Life Quotes #5423

You screwed me over so badly it just annoys me to hear your name

Life Quotes #5422

I LOVE catching people in lies..and than listening to them continue to lie

Life Quotes #5421

Fake Hair, Fake Nails, Fake Tan, Remind Me Again Why Boys Like You?

Life Quotes #5420

I hate when im yelling at someone and i mess up what im saying

Life Quotes #5419

being afraid to let your leg hang off your bed in case it gets eaten

Life Quotes #5418

Those summer nights that you never want to forget about.

Life Quotes #5417


Life Quotes #5416

the wink face makes everthing a little dirtier

Life Quotes #5415

I bought a bag of chips. Not half a bag of air.

Life Quotes #5414

Singing along with your AOSFYC CD
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    okay puberty, jokes over, you can make me hot now
    "we really need to hang out" . "yeah we really do" [never happens]
    I have lost 9,748,324,645,398,278,000,000 bobby pins in my lifetime
    "don't be sad" ok im better now thank u
    I love when you out smart someone who is trying to make you look stupid
    The two most important days in your life, are they day when you were born and the day you found out why.
    Oh your Twitter account is protected? What do you tweet? Nuclear launch codes?
    We talked, we flirted, we liked each other, we never got together, we moved on, but deep down I started to love you :(
    I miss the late night phone calls, the sweet texts, the love, the happiness, I miss it all.
    100% sure im ugly as hell and yet I still expect to be in a relationship with a hot person
    Feeling Beast After You Rap A Verse Of A Lil' Wayne Song Without Messing Up
    I'm the best person i know in the world.
    2014 is so close i can almost taste the lips i will not be kissing on new years eve
    A moment of silence for everything I have to do but am not doing.
    Some people will never change, and you have to accept that.
    That 1 song on your ipod that plays real loud and scares the crap out of you
    SCHOOL: 2 + 2 = 4 HOMEWORK: 2 + 4 + 2 = 8 EXAM: Juan has 4 apples, his train is 7 minutes early, calculate the suns mass.
    The first sip of a hot beverage is always the scariest sip
    Iím not in the mood to exist
    me + you + chicken nuggets - you = relationship goal
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