Life Quotes #5413

Tripping, then looking back at what tripped you with an evil glare.

Life Quotes #5412

corn hole, drinkin beer, fishin, bonfires,... looove country summer life!!

Life Quotes #5411

I Look At Pictures And Wish I Could Go Back To That Day

Life Quotes #5410

freaking out when you feel something touch you in the ocean

Life Quotes #5409

Every year, I realize how stupid I was the year before.

Life Quotes #5408

I love days in class when all we do is chill and talk the whole time

Life Quotes #5407

trying to dodge someone, and you both step the same way.. twice.

Life Quotes #5406

I wonder if her parents know she is a whore..

Life Quotes #5405

Oh hi, I only exist when you need something.

Life Quotes #5404

I like this song. Repeat for the next hour.
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    A naked iPhone is a beautiful thing but too risky..
    don't be rude to me and expect me not to be rude back
    Vulnerability is the most accurate measurement of courage
    school tomorrow
    Is ..3x-7y+(1/2) b.. really gonna help me in life?
    If a girl texts back while shes getting ready to go out...SHE LOVES YOU
    I need a phone with 500% battery life
    some people post stuff just so people will read it and understand how they feel
    I wish I could see myself from someone else's point of view.
    You say something funny and then someone says it louder and gets the credit.
    wishing it snows tonight so school is closed tomorow!
    if you like water, you already like 72% of me
    tbh there are literally like three people in the world who i can hang out with for more than four hours without wanting to strangle them
    "My life: Wake up, survive, sleep."
    “ok” and “okay” sound different in my head.
    Without humor, life is boring. Without love, life is hopeless. Without God, life is impossible.
    I woke up, it was 6am, I blinked, it was 8am.
    Love is or it ain't. Thin love ain't love at all.
    seeing your ex with someone uglier than you. awesome.
    i could sleep for 2 weeks straight and still be tired..
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