Life Quotes #5383

I have never talked to you in my life, but I like your status

Life Quotes #5382

i want a good relationship in 2010 <3

Life Quotes #5381

my life was more productive before FaİeBook!!!

Life Quotes #5380

My friends and I have a tendancy to be weird, crazy, and random!

Life Quotes #5379

"mom mom" "WHAT!!" i dont want to talk to you now you just yelled at me.

Life Quotes #5378

You are my best friend... NO ONE and NOTHING will ever change that..

Life Quotes #5377

When you are single, all you see are happy couples.

Life Quotes #5376

STOP MOVING!! I need to read your shirt!

Life Quotes #5375

I know you so well i hear your voice through your texts

Life Quotes #5374

theres always that one person who always catches you doing something weird
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    WOW, what the hell was I thinking!?
    What am I suppose to do when the best part of me was always you?..
    Why am I only motivated to sort my life out at 3am?
    wanting to change your profile picture but not having any decent photos to use
    Best thing about being single? No drama, no fighting, no feeling, no confusion, no worries, no problem
    3 reasons to stand up: 1) To get the remote 2) To go to the bathroom 3) Because you're the real slim shady.
    October, November and December are the best months of the year and nobody can argue that.
    When I was younger I remember watching two drops of rain roll down the window and pretending it was a race.
    Things I Miss About My Childhood: No problems No haters No shames No stress No heartbreaks No homework Life was easier
    "Love sucks. True love swallows."
    You told my best friend... and you thought I wasn't going to find out?
    If puppies could talk I would never even want to try and make human friends ever again.
    10 out of 9 students have trouble in Math.
    if you think your ex is an embarisment!?
    My bed is a magical place where I can suddenly remember everything I was supposed to do.
    Never get on one knee for a girl that wont get on 2 for you.
    When you have seen as much of life as I have, you will not underestimate the power of obsessive love.
    I immediatly look in my rearview mirror when i pass a cop
    I hate it when im trying to be all sneaky in my house at night then the floor starts to creek...
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